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Siri Story: Hungry

I made a search story for my portfolio assignment. This search story is used to show a story by using a certain search engine to tell a story. In my case, I used Siri for this assignment.

A better example of a search story would be a Google Story. They are usually in the form of an advertisement for Google. In any case, My Siri story differs from that because I wished to change the nature of the story rather than using it as a form of advertisement. In my situation, I wanted to create a sort of comedy story.

However, due to my habits of procrastination, I ended up making the video on a Saturday at midnight for God knows what reason for. I also had a bit of complication due to my amateur skills in technology.

That aside, I wanted to create a search story that differs from the usual. For that reason, I decided to use Siri for my video. However, due to Siri’s strict yet helpful programming, making a comedic story out of something like that has proven to be difficult.

That is the background for my Siri Story.

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  1. As I think you’re aware (given your comments above), and as we discussed in class, this is a solid start, but needs some development. The two primary components I’d like you to work on for the next cut are shaping the narrative and tightening the cut. The narrative should be shaped more clearly as an arc for the character from hunger, with expectation of a technological solution, through disbelief, frustration, anger, and finally to acceptance that such a solution was unrealistic. Note that this is roughly the arc of the narrative already, but it needs to be more clearly articulated by either deleting some segments, adding new ones, or both. The tightening of the cut then happens from shot to shot, trimming out unnecessary frames. For each cut ask yourself, “when does this shot stop delivering new information/meaning to the viewer?” At that precise moment – to the 30th of a second – cut it. Keep working on this.


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